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DOB 11/11/2020
Birth Country: Russia 
VWD: Clear
SOD1B: Clear
DM: Clear
Pennhip: Left DI.26 
Right DI.18, no cavitation, no OA for either hip (top 5% for Berner hips)



Kira is such a special girl. She was born in Russia on 11/11/20. We were on the wait list for her breeder for a long time and were so excited when she called to let us know she had the perfect puppy for us! We picked her up in New York City when she was 16 weeks old. 


Kira is a big girl -112 lbs at 18 months old! She's all we dreamed of plus more! We call her our comedian-she is such a funny girl and loves to play and wrestle. She has an amazing temperment-she is playful but laid-back. She loves to be with her people. Some of her favorite things are belly rubs, swimming & wrestling with her best bud Roxy (Maddie & Moose's daughter) Kira is LOUD-She is a talker and she lets us know when she isn't happy about something. 

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