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Pauls Valley, Oklahoma

(580) 656-4332

What age do you let your puppies go to new homes? 
8-10 weeks depending on litter development 

Do you sell full AKC? My puppies are sold limited AKC only for companion only

Do you offer a health guarantee? My puppies are sold with a 1 year health guarantee. It is detailed in the contract.

Are you dogs genetic & health tested? My breeding dogs are all genetic and health tested. Results are posted under each dogs photo. (Click the photo) My puppies are all genetic tested at birth for sod1b, vwd1 and dm. 

Is the deposit refundable? The deposit is non-refundable and is applied to the balance at delivery.

Why are your puppies so  expensive? First off,its extremely expensive to breed properly. It takes a small fortune to raise quality dogs. Many of my breeding dogs are imported which is a small fortune in itself just to get them to the USA. All breeders would love if everyone would appreciate the time, & effort we put into raising beautiful, healthy well socialized pups. Sleepless nights for weeks at a time, rushing to the vet in the middle of the night with momma not knowing if she is going to survive, missing holidays, family events, kids sporting events & the list goes on and on. We take our breeding responsibilities very serious. Raising a litter correctly is tiring and time consuming and definitely isn't cheap! My breeding dogs and  puppies well-being always comes first. I am very proud of my program and very proud of each puppy I raise & that is reflected in the price.  


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