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About Us & Our Dogs

 We appreciate the balanced, friendly character, harmonious movement and proportionate build of the Bernese Mountain Dog. Our dogs live with us at home. They love walks, meeting friends, training and go on most trips with us.

We continuously strive to deepen our knowledge about the Bernese breed, reading the latest publications, talking to befriended breeders, veterinarians, trainers, groomers, & activists of Kennel Clubs. 

Our puppies grow up in the house, they have constant contact with their mother and our other dogs and children. From the beginning, we take care of their socialization, accustom them to household noises and equipment, and always provide contact with other people and other animals. We keep in contact with all new owners of our puppies and you can always count on us for our support.

We encourage you to inform yourself about the Bernese Mountain Dog. Please feel free to use the links below!


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